Chrismar Travel Departments


Transportation department:
We never accepted to transport our client in less than a modern, luxurious, air conditioned, comfortable vehicle; the safety of our guests is assured by our  professional, experienced drivers.
Their uniform along with the rules applied by Chrismar travel is just addition to ensure an unforgettable holiday for our guest.
To maintain our promise as a quality provider Chrismar Travel owns and operate a fleet of ultra modern buses and a wide range of different sizes coaches

Tailor-Made Programs Department:
For all your special occasions; honeymoon, alone, in couple or with the family, either for a long trip or short escapades. A department managed by a couple, passionate by the new destinations and the discoveries, and never satisfied by the Group voyages.
They like details and they are ready to listen to your special demands to astonish you by the trip of your dream.

Groups Department :
With more than 15 years experience in the animation, preparation and the management of the programs conceived for large or small groups. Our power of purchases and connection with local suppliers guarantee the best negotiable prices in the market.

Adventures & Desert safari Department:
Our team of young sportsmen and athletes invites you to enjoy the heats and the coldness of the Sahara, the exceptional architecture of the white desert and to be dazzled by the Dunes and Oasis.