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For more than 20 years, Chrismar Travel has built a reputation for impeccable operations and the amicable client care we provide our customers.

From prompt responses to emails 24/7, highly detailed and fact-checked tour arrangements to outstanding guides, drivers, vehicles, and reliable airport reps, Chrismar always strives to exceed expectations. Our travel experts across Egypt provide gold-star service to ensure agents and companies always have peace of mind about their tour groups.

President and founder, Dr. Michel Maurice even makes himself available to every client and is always a call or message away.

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Egyptian Expeditions

Egyptian expeditions unlock the secrets of ancient Egypt, revealing hidden tombs, treasures, and the enigmatic past. From the Valley of the Kings to the iconic pyramids, these journeys captivate adventurers, offering a glimpse into a rich cultural heritage that continues to fascinate the world.

Don't Be A Tourist,A Traveler

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Egyptian Expeditions

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